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  1. Research article

    Biomineralisation by earthworms – an investigation into the stability and distribution of amorphous calcium carbonate

    Many biominerals form from amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC), but this phase is highly unstable when synthesised in its pure form inorganically. Several species of earthworm secrete calcium carbonate granules ...

    Mark E Hodson, Liane G Benning, Bea Demarchi, Kirsty E H Penkman, Juan D Rodriguez-Blanco, Paul F Schofield and Emma A A Versteegh

    Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:4

    Published on: 28 April 2015

  2. Research article

    Zn isotope fractionation in a pristine larch forest on permafrost-dominated soils in Central Siberia

    Stable Zn isotopes fractionation was studied in main biogeochemical compartments of a pristine larch forest of Central Siberia developed over continuous permafrost basalt rocks. Two north- and south-oriented w...

    Jerome Viers, Anatoly S Prokushkin, Oleg S Pokrovsky, Alexander V Kirdyanov, Cyril Zouiten, Jerome Chmeleff, Merlin Meheut, Francois Chabaux, Priscia Oliva and Bernard Dupré

    Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:3

    Published on: 16 April 2015

  3. Research article

    Geochemical evidence for the link between sulfate reduction, sulfide oxidation and phosphate accumulation in a Late Cretaceous upwelling system

    On Late Cretaceous Tethyan upwelling sediments from the Mishash/Ghareb Formation (Negev, Israel), bulk geochemical and biomarker analyses were performed to explain the high proportion of phosphates in the lowe...

    Heiko Alsenz, Peter Illner, Sarit Ashckenazi-Polivoda, Aaron Meilijson, Sigal Abramovich, Shimon Feinstein, Ahuva Almogi-Labin, Zsolt Berner and Wilhelm Püttmann

    Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:2

    Published on: 10 April 2015

  4. Research article

    Chronoamperometric study of elemental sulphur (S) nanoparticles (NPs) in NaCl water solution: new methodology for S NPs sizing and detection

    Elemental sulfur (S) persists in natural aquatic environment in a variety of forms with different size distributions from dissolved to particulate. Determination of S speciation mainly consists of the applicat...

    Elvira Bura-Nakić, Marija Marguš, Darija Jurašin, Ivana Milanović and Irena Ciglenečki-Jušić

    Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:1

    Published on: 12 February 2015

  5. Research article

    Real-time drilling mud gas monitoring for qualitative evaluation of hydrocarbon gas composition during deep sea drilling in the Nankai Trough Kumano Basin

    Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 338 was the second scientific expedition with D/V Chikyu during which riser drilling was conducted as part of the Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment. Riser dril...

    Sebastian B Hammerschmidt, Thomas Wiersberg, Verena B Heuer, Jenny Wendt, Jörg Erzinger and Achim Kopf

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:15

    Published on: 16 December 2014

  6. Methodology

    A method for preparation and cleaning of uniformly sized arsenopyrite particles

    The oxidative dissolution of sulfide minerals, such as arsenopyrite (FeAsS), is of critical importance in many geochemical systems. A comprehensive understanding of their dissolution rates entails careful prep...

    Hariprasad Parthasarathy, John P Baltrus, David A Dzombak and Athanasios K Karamalidis

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:14

    Published on: 11 October 2014

  7. Research article

    Activity of zero-valent sulfur in sulfidic natural waters

    Ionic and molecular carriers of dissolved (filter-passing) zero-valent sulfur (S0) in anaerobic natural waters include polysulfides, Sn2−, molecular S8(aq), organic macromolecules and certain higher valent thioan...

    George R Helz

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:13

    Published on: 19 August 2014

  8. Research article

    Sulfur and oxygen isotope insights into sulfur cycling in shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos, Greece

    Shallow-sea (5 m depth) hydrothermal venting off Milos Island provides an ideal opportunity to target transitions between igneous abiogenic sulfide inputs and biogenic sulfide production during microbial sulfa...

    William P Gilhooly, David A Fike, Gregory K Druschel, Fotios-Christos A Kafantaris, Roy E Price and Jan P Amend

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:12

    Published on: 12 August 2014

  9. Methodology

    An improved pyrite pretreatment protocol for kinetic and isotopic studies

    Pyrite is one of the most abundant and widespread of the sulfide minerals with a central role in biogeochemical cycles of iron and sulfur. Due to its diverse roles in the natural and anthropogenic sulfur cycle...

    Natella Mirzoyan, Alexey Kamyshny and Itay Halevy

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:10

    Published on: 12 August 2014

  10. Research article

    Elemental sulfur coarsening kinetics

    Elemental sulfur exists is a variety of forms in natural systems, from dissolved forms (noted as S8(diss) or in water as S8(aq)) to bulk elemental sulfur (most stable as α-S8). Elemental sulfur can form via sever...

    Angel A Garcia and Gregory K Druschel

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:11

    Published on: 6 August 2014

  11. Research article

    Adsorption of dissolved aluminum on sapphire-c and kaolinite: implications for points of zero charge of clay minerals

    We have studied the impact of dissolved aluminum on interfacial properties of two aluminum bearing minerals, corundum and kaolinite. The effect of intentionally adding dissolved aluminum on electrokinetic pote...

    Johannes Lützenkirchen, Ahmed Abdelmonem, Rohan Weerasooriya, Frank Heberling, Volker Metz and Remi Marsac

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:9

    Published on: 19 June 2014

  12. Research article

    Multiple sulfur isotopes fractionations associated with abiotic sulfur transformations in Yellowstone National Park geothermal springs

    The paper presents a quantification of main (hydrogen sulfide and sulfate), as well as of intermediate sulfur species (zero-valent sulfur (ZVS), thiosulfate, sulfite, thiocyanate) in the Yellowstone National P...

    Alexey Kamyshny Jr, Gregory Druschel, Zahra F Mansaray and James Farquhar

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:7

    Published on: 28 May 2014

  13. Research article

    Zn(II) and Cu(II) adsorption and retention onto iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticles: effects of particle aggregation and salinity

    Iron oxyhydroxides are commonly found in natural aqueous systems as nanoscale particles, where they can act as effective sorbents for dissolved metals due to their natural surface reactivity, small size and hi...

    Rebecca B Chesne and Christopher S Kim

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:6

    Published on: 3 May 2014

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:17

  14. Research article

    Biogeochemical consequences of an oxygenated intrusion into an anoxic fjord

    This paper is based on the studies of the biogeochemical structure of the water column in the anoxic Fjord Hunnbunn (south-eastern Norway) performed in 2009, 2011 and 2012. This Fjord is an enclosed basin of b...

    Svetlana Pakhomova, Hans Fredrik Veiteberg Braaten, Evgeniy Yakushev and Jens Skei

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:5

    Published on: 28 April 2014

  15. Research article

    Stable isotope evidence for the Bottom Convective Layer homogeneity in the Black Sea

    The Black Sea is the largest euxinic basin on the Earth. The anoxic zone consists of the upper part water mass stratified by density, and the lower water mass homogenized relative to density (depth >1750 m), n...

    Alexander V Dubinin, Elena O Dubinina, Tatyana P Demidova, Nataliya M Kokryatskaya, Maria N Rimskaya-Korsakova, Sofia A Kosova and Evgeniy V Yakushev

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:3

    Published on: 17 April 2014

  16. Research article

    Concentrations and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface coastal sediments of the northern Gulf of Mexico

    Coastal sediments in the northern Gulf of Mexico have a high potential of being contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), due to extensive petroleum exploration a...

    Zucheng Wang, Zhanfei Liu, Kehui Xu, Lawrence M Mayer, Zulin Zhang, Alexander S Kolker and Wei Wu

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:2

    Published on: 19 March 2014

  17. Research article

    Effect of organic matter on estuarine flocculation: a laboratory study using montmorillonite, humic acid, xanthan gum, guar gum and natural estuarine flocs

    Riverine particles undergo a rapid transformation when they reach estuaries. The rapid succession of hydrodynamic and biogeochemical regimes forces the particles to flocculate, settle and enter the sediment po...

    Yoko Furukawa, Allen H Reed and Guoping Zhang

    Geochemical Transactions 2014 15:1

    Published on: 3 January 2014

  18. Research article

    Methane and carbon at equilibrium in source rocks

    Methane in source rocks may not exist exclusively as free gas. It could exist in equilibrium with carbon and higher hydrocarbons: CH4 + C < = > Hydrocarbon. Three lines of evidence support this possibility. 1) Sh...

    Frank D Mango

    Geochemical Transactions 2013 14:5

    Published on: 12 December 2013

  19. Research article

    Alkaline decomposition of synthetic jarosite with arsenic

    The widespread use of jarosite-type compounds to eliminate impurities in the hydrometallurgical industry is due to their capability to incorporate several elements into their structures. Some of these elements...

    Francisco Patiño, Mizraim U Flores, Iván A Reyes, Martín Reyes, Juan Hernández, Isauro Rivera and Julio C Juárez

    Geochemical Transactions 2013 14:2

    Published on: 8 April 2013

  20. Research article

    Characterisation of dissolved organic compounds in hydrothermal fluids by stir bar sorptive extraction - gas chomatography - mass spectrometry. Case study: the Rainbow field (36°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

    The analysis of the dissolved organic fraction of hydrothermal fluids has been considered a real challenge due to sampling difficulties, complexity of the matrix, numerous interferences and the assumed ppb con...

    Cecile Konn, Jean-Luc Charlou, Jean-Pierre Donval and Nils G Holm

    Geochemical Transactions 2012 13:8

    Published on: 7 November 2012

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